Sunday, May 29, 2011

fast five.

what I did today.


Hey Odie, that's mine !

5 days to go.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rakam Chenta Contest

Gigih submit contest, huhu. Ye la, mana tau ada rezeki, dapat jugak save budget mana-mana patut.
Untuk "Rakam Chenta Contest" by 5 Fingers Studio ni, hadiahnya menarik!

tempat pertama : 2 pemenang akan dipilih.
3 rakaman video perkahwinan secara percuma (akad nikah, sanding
perempuan, sanding lelaki)

nak !

sudi-sudi kan la like gambar kami, kepada B2B yang lain, mari la mencuba!
jangan lupa like 5 Fingers Studio :)

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want!

I received my custom made maxi skirts from RNR Collection! They fit me perfectly..
love love..!
now, I really want a lace corset belt to go with it for............. 

me want this so bad! 
over kann, mak love!

nice nice~

sweet and simple !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

someone who will

..sing to me at random moments
..tell his mother I have beautiful eyes
..bring me orange juice when I'm sick
..writes songs about me because he doesn't know any other way to tell me how he feels
..more goofy than romantic, but knows the right things to say at the right times me 3 times a day if he went away
..apologize for calling too much, and no matter how many times I tell him its okay
..let me gossip to him and just smile and agree with everything I say
..throw stuffed animals at me when I acted dumb
..write me notes
..give me flowers every once in a while for no real reason at all
..surprise me with 25 cent ring and we could have contest of how far we can spit our gum
..take me to the park, put his hands around my waist and give me big bear hugs all the time with me
..take pictures in photo booths with me
..never turn down a trip to the lake tag on the beach with me
..tell all his friends about me and smile when he does it
..sit with me on the kitchen floor and eat sandwiches
..would never be afraid to say I love you in front of his friends
..will count stars with me
.. looks me the eye and tell me something serious, that was also funny and make me promise not to laugh
.. could make me laugh like no one else can
..hold me closer than normal when I'm sick
..who is my best friend and will always be there for me
..knows when something is not right
..stands my anger
..always tell me everything's gonna be okay, though it's not
..won't let me feels alone and sad
..reminds me of the times we had

I asked so much, because I'd do the same..1000 times more
I can't promise you a perfect relationship without arguments. However, I can promise you: as long as you're trying, I'll stay.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Worlds Apart

Some day you will find me
I haven't gone too far
I miss the way we were back then
How we laughed
I can feel you in my heart

There's a world in your eyes I can see it getting brighter
All the hours that we turned into days
We were young seemed like life would go on last forever
All I had was you by my side

Some day you will answer
Remember how we were
When all our hopes and dreams
Floated in the air
I feel it in my heart
I can feel you in my heart

That's the way that it was in the past you remember
When we ran through the wind and the rain
We were young seemed like life would go on last forever

Now everything has changed.