Monday, January 31, 2011

Soalan itu~

"Illi tak pernah keluar dengan lelaki lain ke? Tumpu kat dia je..?"

Wah, soalan itu...
jarang sekali diajukan kat aku. Jawapan aku, keluar dengan KAWAN lelaki tu ada. Si dia tahu, tak pernah selindung. Tapi, kalau pasang skandal tu. Memang TAK PERNAH. Keluar saja-saja dengan lelaki tak dikenali, TAK PERNAH. Memang tumpuan aku hanya pada seorang je. Yeah, that's the uncool me. I don't mourn my life or relationship to other men. neither women.  

I may not the luckiest or the happiest girl in the world,
but I'm thankful with what I have now.

Ok, bye bye.

Touching di hari Senin

Aries - 2011

The year 2011 is going to be a good year for you, dear Aries. It promises success in almost everything you do - whether it is work or your personal life. Your determination and adventurous streak will take you far, so don't shy away from challenges. Being the confident person you are, you will make 2011 an extremely fruitful year indeed. But do take time to relax - or it will be a very hectic year for you. On the personal side, finances are set to improve, especially during the second half of the year. Attached Aries out there, take note - 2011 might see you walking down the aisle after all, especially in October or November.

You will feel a surge of energy and motivation in the office this year. You will find yourself in an aggressive state, giving yourself goals and challenges to meet. This will surprise your fellow colleagues, in a pleasant way, of course. Your boss will see your effort of wanting to go further and reward you for it. But don't hog the limelight and glory; share some of your ideas so that you and your teammates can make 2011 a successful year indeed.

Don't get too emotional in 2011; this can cause you to lose control of yourself when it comes to love and romance. While it may seem your partner has the upper hand, it is in fact the universe's way of balancing your relationships. True, this is a challenge, especially for someone like you. But it is a good lesson; it lets you re-examine relationships and puts you in the right frame of mind, as you ask yourself this question : Do you really want to be with him? Careful, the answer may result in a break-up but one that is necessary.

If you're single and are planning to meet new people, make sure you listen to your heart before settling; you don't want to spend the rest of 2011 with someone who is not entirely compatible with you.

In the first half over the year, you should really take care of your finances. You might end up losing quite a sum, especially if you are involved in a legal issue. Word of advice? Think before you spend. Start planning your budget to see how far it can stretch; saving money from the start is not bad idea after all. 

Despite experiencing some money loss, you don't have to worry too much. The more you lose, the higher you will gain. So take some risks, seek out some investment ideas. Who knows what you may achieve at the end of the day. 

Oh and watch out in the month of June and August - you may just make an important purchase, related to home.

You will find yourself asking for help and advice from close friends and family in 2011. This is nothing to be ashamed of; they will be more than glad to lend you a helping hand. And it goes both ways, as you spend 2011 listening to their issues as well trying to solve them too.

* Pernah buat dokumentari pasal Astrologi, Ustaz kat Masjid Shah Alam cakap, siapa percaya horoskop, amalan tak diterima 40 hari.


Yup, my 2011 started awfully. Wuwu.. :'(
But Alhamdulillah, I got supports from the people around, friends at the office, thank you a million!
How can I repay you guys? Belanja ceklat la nanti ek? Kalau tengok atas tu, akan kawen hujung tahun. Wah! bunyi macam seronok, tapi tak mungkin berlaku. Apa-apa pun, ku doakan akan terus hidup macam biasa, nak happy happy selalu~ Duit? memang kena mula menabung! wink wink

Iphone yang sedang koma.

Dah lama aku peram.Masalahnya hanya satu, dia dalam koma.
Dalam recovery mode. Boleh on, boleh connect iTunes, tapi
tak boleh restore..dah beribu kali aku try..
akan stuck on apple logo,
ramai yang bermasalah mcm ni rasanya,
dah try banyak kali, tengok google..
tak boleh juge, wuwu~
Dah hantar kat Subang, berbulan-bulan..last-last cakap tak boleh baiki..
Weekend lepas hantar kat Shah Alam,
cakap sejam siap..pun tak siap jugak.
Suruh senyap je~

Ada tak sesiapa kat sini boleh tolong baiki tak?
Please help me~~

Sebab-sebab aku nak cepat, sebab phone yang guna skang pun
menyakitkan hati, kalau orang call / miscall, terus kong bateri.
Malas aku nak tukar lagi.

Hua~~~ help me help me...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Nena Malek!

Event : Nur Hanina Malek's Birthday
Venue : Look Out Point Western Food , Ampang
Date : 29 January 2011

It's a surprise birthday dinner that Nizar and me planned few weeks 
before the actual event. Plan simple and sweet je.
En.Syafiq dan saya tolong belikan kek, dan sorok awal-awal.

Confusing Nena. Blind folded from the parking lot.
She had no clue I was waiting in front of the restaurant, with my camera.

En.Syafiq's meal.
Kena bawak buku nota lain kali!
tak ingat nama makanan ni~
his drink was Honey Milk.

My meal ! Ordered by En.Syafiq.
Thanks yang, belanja kite..
Lamb Chop Combo! bole tahan la
my drink was Vanilla Slush.

That's us! We got the best table :)

Cake time! Oreo Cheese - birthday girl's favourite 
Kalau sambut birthday situ, dorang akan turn off lights,
bawak keluar kek, sambil diringi lagu Happy Birthday yang tak berapa nk best. 
But I requested no song, we can sing better!

One happy Nena~

love the scenery from our table!

The food was ok, the price is affordable.
Apart from that, we had a lot of fun!

Once again, Happy Birthday Nena!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tagged By A Soldier's Gf ! -Cik Syahira :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Dah lama tak buat benda-benda ni, I've been tagged by my B2B friend, Cik Syahira. hehe~ 

Mari mulakan!

* Marital Status : masih single setakat ini.
* Facebook Status : tidak dinyatakan. huhu
* B2B Status : taken by my bestfriend.


A casual person, normal kadang kadang gila. Minat kereta/motor.
Ramai kawan, i love them much. I appreciate every person who come and go in my life.
Suka photography. Suka makan. Dan banyak lagi benda saya suka.
Belajar bidang perfileman dan video. walaupun dah bersara dari dunia seni, masih support kawan-kawan. Sekarang dah tukar bidang..happy juga.

well, there's lil bit about me. and here are some facts:

* Nickname : Illi
* Age : 24 years this year! hua~
* Birthday : april 11, 1987 (Syahira, mari sambut bday sama2!)
* Work : admin
* Home : shah alam


tempat untuk kepala saya. tentang semua benda, tentang kehidupan seharian sebagai manusia. sekarang dah sampai seru nak kawen, selit-selitkan juge, mesti orang pening baca blog nih. hee
nak tulis dalam bahasa inggeris juge walaupun terabur, ku punya blog, hape ku kesah. menerima kritikan dgn terbuka, huhu.


seronok, dah lama dok baca-baca blog orang. tapi mula menulis blog sendiri tahun 2008.
boleh share banyak benda, dapat ramai kawan.


hati-hati bila jaja kisah personal (yang eksklusif lagi meletop, tapi tak masuk Melodi la). terima kritikan dgn terbuka, sini bukan tempat utk gado2 ngn blogger lain. hehe. no offense. 


unik kah? biasa-biasa je kot. apa yang baik jadikan tauladan, yang buruk jadikan sempadan.


insyaAllah selagi ada kudrat dari Ilahi, selagi tangan masih boleh digunakan untuk menaip. selagi ada kisah yang boleh dikongsi, yang tak boleh dikongsi takkan ditaip :p


* Nena Malek - a dear friend, crazy like me! haha
* Amira Mastura - fabulous writing
* Ardini Humaira - love her name, nice blog
* Bact - hehehe
* Cik Syafa - another B2B friend!

p/s: mari kita saling mengenali.. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My BlueBerry Cheese Tarts.

Resipi ni dari Mak Ngah ku sayang.
Dikala bosan dan kesedihan, try la buat. Mesti happy :p

Tak sempat amek gamba masa buat dough.
Ni baru lepas keluarkan dari peti.

Bentukkan pastry dalam mould.
Yang ni beli kat Carrefour, tinggal yang ni je.

Selepas pastry dibakar.
hodoh sket, hehe.

Cream cheese!

Masukkan cream cheese dlm pastry.
Sedia untuk dibakar.

Bakar dalam 10 minit.
Kalau lama sangat akan meletus cream cheese itu,
dan bertambah hodoh tarts tu nanti.

Dah siap! nyum2
Untuk resipi tu, dapatla dalam 90++ pieces.


Tart pastry :
125 gm butter (1/2 block)
60 gm icing sugar (reduce or add to your liking)
1 egg
240 gm flour

1. Combine butter & icing sugar until creamy, then add in the egg and beat again.
2. Add the flour in and combined and form a dough - pakai tangan jer lg senang!
3. Let the dough chill in the fridge for a while.
4.Press the pastry into the moulds - sapukan butter sket kat moulds.
5. Bake at 180 c for 15-20 mins.

Cheese filling :
250 gm cream cheese (softened)
50 gm icing sugar (to your liking)
20 gm softened butter
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 egg (optional)

1. Combined cream cheese, butter & icing sugar until fluffy.
2. Add the egg & lemon juice and beat til no lumps left.
3. Spoon the cream into the shells and bake 180c for 10mins.


Still a long way to go.

Untuk majlis nanti, ingat nak bagi door gift/ favor untuk guests and of course keluarga yang susah payah datang. Masih banyak masa untuk fikir nak bagi apa, majlis pun lambat lagi. Tapi, saya lebih suka kalau semuanya dirancang secara teratur dan tenang.

1.Siapkan awal-awal = relax, no pressure.
2.Siapkan last minute = tunggang langgang, tension.

Saya pilih nombor 1! Majlis ni walaupun kecik, perlu perhatian yang terperinci jugak. Biar orang happy datang majlis kita. Lagipun ingat nak DIY je..sebab banyak masa kan, daripada tak buat apa-apa, baik start sikit-sikit. Orang yang bergaji ciput macam saya, kena beli barang sikit-sikit, nak beli sekaligus memang tak la~~ :p Ingat nak bagi something yang orang boleh simpan. 

Idea untuk favors :

Suka jar kecik-kecik ni!
tapi ingat nak tukar dengan marshmallows/jellybeans
instead of jam. 
jar tu boleh beli kat satu kedai di Jalan Klang Lama.
harga RM1.00 satu.
Nanti update website dia.

Kalau box macam ni, boleh buat sendiri, hehe..
lagi jimat!
dalam tu nak letak coklat.

Comel juga camni, letak gula-gula dinosour!
korang tau tak? :p
my feveret~

Marilah berlatih membuat kekotak~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yang Kurik Kundi, Yang Merah Saga.

Kat ofis hari ni tinggal 4 orang je, sebab yang lain ke Batu Pahat untuk majlis perkahwinan salah sorang staff. Ku tak pergi sebab tak ada orang nak jaga rumah nanti. Maka, duduklah ku di ofis seperti biasa. Tadi ada call dari despatch UPS. Tanya ada pick up barang ke tak. Ku dan lain-lain memang tak tau sebab benda tu semua diuruskan oleh sorang staff kat ofis ni. Hari ni dia ada hal, balik awal. Tak kisah la semua tu. Ku jawab la telefon dengan penuh etika bekerja. Pung pang pung pang. Aku suruh dia call sendiri staff tu. Dia suruh aku SMS nombor telefon, maka ku pun mencari-cari telefon, baru sedar telefon tertinggal kat rumah. Ku nak pinjam handphone ofismate sorang lagi ni. Dia pun misplaced telefon dia, maka tercari-carilah kami berdua. Lepas tu, despatch UPS ni call balik (dalam masa 5 minit dari tadi), terus berkata,

Rakyat Malaysia itu : Mana nombor fon tadi?? Takde pun SMS! Dari tadi tunggu
Daku : Sorry ye, handphone tertinggal..
Rakyat Malaysia itu : Hah? Call balik! (terus hang up)
Daku pun call lah balik....

Rakyat Malaysia itu : Hah, mana nombor fon?
Daku : Kejap ye. (Ko ingat aku hafal no. fon semua orang ke?)

Sambil-sambil aku tengok kat list tu si despacth membebel-bebel

Rakyat Malaysia itu : Kenapa tak call balik? Gunalah otak sikit!
Daku : ???? Tengah cari telefon tadi, baru sedar tertinggal!
Rakyat : Mana no. fon??
Daku : 01----------
Rakyat Malaysia itu : Terima Kasih

Malas aku nak jawab, terus letak fon.

Ko ingat ko sorang je ke nak emo-emo. Aku bukan in charge bahagian logistik.
Lagipun benda ko nak tu, tak de kena mengena kat Main Office ni.
Benda tu semua kat Villa.
Sebelum ko nak emo-emo baik ko siasat dulu.

Lepas beberapa minit, orang dari ofis UPS call.
Nasib baik yang ni berbudi bahasa.

To despatch UPS, jagalah sikit bahasa tu.
Dah la awak tu berurusan terus dengan pelanggan.
Kami report kat ofis tu baru tau..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Am I Ready?

Tahun 2011, umur saya akan bertambah menjadi 24 tahun.
En.Syafiq kata kami akan berkahwin bila kami berusia 25 tahun.
Tahun depan la kan!

Macam-macam dah saya dengar :
"Eh, ko nak kawen dah??!"
"Ko biar betul.."
"Ko reti masak ke?? kemas rumah??"
"I don't think you're ready for it."
"Korang ni ada duit ke nak kawen?"

Tak dinafikan, sebagai tuan empunya diri, saya juga fikir macam-macam benda.
Kami bukan gatal, tapi dah sampai seru.
Bukan ke benda baik perlu dipercepatkan?
Soal kewangan memang la perlu diambil kira.
Duit dating tiap-tiap hari ada, takkan bila kahwin duit semua hilang?
Bukan ke bila kahwin nanti, pintu rezeki semakin terbuka?

Soal majlis tu, tak terfikir pun nak buat tepi pantai atau dalam istana.
Cukuplah mana yang mampu. Sekadar meraikan keluarga dan tetamu.
Saya impikan majlis yang sederhana tapi meriah. 
Buat kat rumah sudeh, tak pun kat poolside belakang rumah tu je
kalau nak grand sgt.

A dear friend said to me,
Life is like driving a car, where you control the steering.
When you get arrested by the cop, or you meet an accident,
you will know what to do. You know how to solve it.

Tak ada masalah yang berpanjangan, it's just a matter of time.
There's no problem without solutions.

Moga perjalanan kami dipermudahkan, InsyaAllah..
Kami hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan~

Geo Lens for Sale!

Hi & Assalamualaikum !

Sesiapa yang suka atau pakai contact lens, boleh la tengok-tengok sini ek!
Just a small business from me ;)

Click here : Que Preciosa

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I was confused.

Since I already bought my baju tunang and kain nikah,let me share it with you guys :)

Mula-mula tu rasa awal sangat nak beli kain nikah.
But my umi insist suruh beli, so beli jelah.
Lagipun tengah sale. 

Baju tunang pun beli awal sebab hari tu rancang majlis bulan 3,
kena postponed, simpan lama sikit dalam almari.
Takpe, takkan berkulat.

at Gulati's/Euro Moda, SACC Mall
Pilih-pilih kain nikah.
Yang tengah pegang tu French Lace, memang cantik.
Tapi ku rasa over sket untuk dibuat baju nikah.
Harga pun boleh tahanlah, dalam RM700 untuk 4 meter, lace+satin.
itu pun harga lepas less. Tapi cantik! berbaloi~
Umi tanya, nak yang tu ke?
I was like, "takpelah, nanti tak boleh pakai selalu".

I chose chiffon beaded, rasanya ramai pilih material ni 
untuk nikah oufit kan. I love it.
Warna off white. Beli pakej lelaki & perempuan.
Harganya ok dan puas hati.
Simple je kan? hik hik

This is where I bought my veil, Abah belanja!
Kat kedai ni ada banyak jenis veil, dan pelbagai bentuk.
Pilih yang bentuk bulat, panjang sampai bawah pinggang.
Kedai kat PKNS, Shah Alam. Tak ingat belah mana,
tapi kat tingkat 2. Harga pun murah berbanding kedai lain.

Inilah veil itu, hehe. Sneak peek!
Umi cakap apasal tak beli selendang panjang.
Ku tak mahu selendang sebab nanti akan tutup bajuku yang comel tu
Tudung tak beli lagi, tak tau nak pakai shawl atau tudung awning?
I prefer shawl. Yang tu nantilah dulu.

Sekian, Wassalam.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perhimpunan Skuter Kebangsaan (PSK) 2011

Date : 8 January 2011
Venue : Stadium Bukit Jalil

 En.Syafiq's Baby with other Vespas.

On the old machine

With En.John's Vespa, it has been sold!
Nak beli vespa lain katanya.
Macam kereta Tamiya pulak kan boleh tukar-tukar?

The gang.

Dah hilang ingatan?


Majlis pertunangan ditangguhkan dari
13 March 2011 ke 4 Jun 2011.
Sedikit lega sebenarnya, tak adalah terkejar-kejar sangat.
Persiapan tak ada lagi, cuma baju tunang & veil dah beli, parents belanja. 
Veil Abah belanja, rasanya mantilla veil
sebab bentuk bulat yang besar..huhu, love love.
Kain nikah untuk dijadikan hantaran pun dah beli,
beli masa sale kat Euro Moda.
Kain nikah tu satin + chiffon beaded, kaler Off White.
Nak buat kurung moden je nanti.
Mana tempat jahit cantik & harga pun berpatutan? Huhu..
Memang failed, sebab tak pernah tempah baju sendiri.

Benda lain tak fikir lagi, theme colour majlis
masih lagi olive green + off white.

Perkara lain akan difikirkan kemudian.
Mini pelamin DIY je kot, nanti start sikit-sikit.
Make up, dah mintak tolong my friend, Bayu.
harap-harap dia free waktu tu..

Lagi, apa nak prepare?
I'll make the list 


Til then~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Thanks for watching as I fall

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ingin Hilang Ingatan.

Menghilanglah dari kehidupanku
enyanhlah dari hati yg tlah hancur
kehadiran sosokmu kan menyiksaku
biarkan disini ku menyendiri

Pergilah bersamanya disana
dengan dia yg ada segalanya
bersenang-senanglah sepuasanya
biarkan disini ku menyendiri

Terlintas keinginan tuk dapat
hilang ingatan agar semua terlupakan
dan ku berlari sekencang-kencangnya
tuk melupakan mu yg tlah berpaling

kau hadirkan ingatan yg seharusnya kulupakan
Dan kuhancurkan adanya...
kau hadirkan ingatan yg seharusnya kulupakan
Dan kuhancurkan adanya.....

Letih disini...
kuingin hilang ingatan
Letih Disini.....
kuingin hilang ingatan

Saturday, January 8, 2011

moto oh moto!

That's me and Baby.
I miss you so much Baby!!

I wanna ride again
bosan asyik drive setiap hari~

Esok saya akan ke Bukit Jalil untuk Perhimpunan Skuter Kebangsaan.
Tidak akan bersama geng GTR


bersama geng Vespa, kawan-kawan En.Syafiq!

Jumpa di sana!
masa utk charge bateri Pentax ku sayang.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday to my Abah

The person who brought me to this world turned 50 yesterday.
We went to Serai @ Empire Gallery.
The restaurant is cozy and nice. 
The food was delicious! I had smoked salmon spaghetti.

choosing their meal

Birthday man!

En. Syafiq had Nasi Kerabu (sedap ok! though i didn't really like it)
Ayai, my younger brother had Serai Platter

Umi had Nasi Ambang

Tasha my lil sis had Fish n Chips

Abah's meal, something Morrocon, can't remember the name

Abah didn't know I already bought a cake,
he ordered Tiramisu
while Umi wanted to try Pavlova
really yummeh!

they brought out the cake
thank you to Serai's staff!
everyone sang the birthday song.

We wish you happiness and good health!
We love you, Hasbullah Bin Zakariah!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pencarian Model Habibi

Assalamualaikum Semua,
Disini saya memerlukan bantuan blogger-blogger yang singgah di sini untuk vote kakak saya, Amelia untuk satu contest Pencarian Model Habibi oleh Precious Moments Photography. Kakak saya ni memang suka posing depan kamera. Dia pernah bagitau nak try modelling, so here's her chance!!!

Do click on the link and vote, thank you very much! You can join it too!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Giuliana & Bill

I love their show!
I love, I love.
They're a very sweet couple made from heaven.

I like Bill since The Apprentice Season 1. 
And now that he's married to Giuliana, I like him even more.
I bet that every girl want a man like that.
A considerate, gentleman. 
Always comfort Giuliana, always support her,
though sometimes Giuliana's a bit crazy :p
But he knows how to take control.

There's this one episode, where they celebrate their wedding anniversary
Bill bought another wedding ring (coz Giuliana lost their wedding ring!)
That's soooooo cute.Giuliana is a one lucky woman!

I want someone like him.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


11 years of beautiful friendship
3 years of sweet n sour love.

he still a best friend
still in my heart
nothing can bring us down

we just have to wait a little more.
i love you, Nafissyafiq.

*picture credit : Amelia Hzbull