Tuesday, September 1, 2009

patutlah hari ni mendung sampai petang..

darkness greets me with a sadistic smile
at the end of a dimly lit road
consumes my fear in your veins
live off the horrible pain
cut me off the real world
tell me I'm insane

watch me suffer for your own twisted greed
leave my heart to bleed
give the things i crave
sitting crying digging my own grave

i'm screaming of you, dream of you
dying for you, lying for you
and you watch me crumble
you watch me trip, you watch me stumble

your grip is like acid
making me weak
give me the poison that make me sick
and in return i'll give you the happiness you seek

give me the pain you feel
shake my heart as if it's not real
treat me like another one
of the people you play with
for your twisted fun
leave me alone, in the dark and cold
destroy the girl once so bold

give me all this pain and i bare my own
destroy the girl i used to show
leave me here to rot and die
leave me to silent cry
and all of this i know it's true
i'll always love you

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