Monday, February 22, 2010


Lagi dua minggu je. Two years of us, kejap gile..Erm..maybe rasa takut sikit. I never been in a long relationship, never been really in love pun sebenarnya. But Syafiq changed me a lot. In the past few years, I learn to change for the better. I was this very stubborn, tak makan saman punya budak, panas baran melampau. But now I learn to listen to people, I listen more. Able to manage my anger, tapi kadang-kadang out of control jugak. Syafiq is pain in the ass sometimes. But I don't think anyone else can stand my anger, my jealousy, my weaknesses. I know there are times I dissapoint him. I ask him to go away. I said I hate him..that he's my biggest mistake. I can be cruel, mean..I don't really care. But his love changed me. He made me realize yang ade orang lagi jahat kat luar sana, haha..Until now, he never gave up on me, still there..always by my side.We both have our strength and weaknesses. Our differences complete each other. Life's a rollercoaster, we just have to fasten our seatbelts and hold on. I should treat him better, wish me luck~!

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