Friday, April 16, 2010

what if

Here I stand alone
With this weight upon my heart
And it will not go away
In my head I keep on looking back
Right back to the start
Wondering what it was that made you change

Many roads to take
Some to joy
Some to heart-ache
Anyone can lose their way
And if I said that we could turn it back
Right back to the start
Would you take the chance and make the change

Well I tried
But I had to draw the line
And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind
 Do you think how it would have been sometimes
Do you pray that I'd never left your side

If only we could turn the hands of time
If I could take you back would you still be mine?

What if I had never let you go
Would you be the man I used to know
What if I had never walked away
'Cos I still love you more than I can say
If I'd stayed
If you'd tried
If we could only turn back time
But I guess we'll never know

We'll never know....


zachary said...

wonderfully written!
i'm sorry you have to go through this..

Illi Hzbull said...

actually it's a song by Kate Winslet. well, life's a rollercoaster :)