Saturday, July 10, 2010

back to where i belong

when the best in the industry offers me to work with him, how am i suppose to reject? went to meet him yesterday, it's been a long time~ i can't believe he still remember about the kelapa incident way back in melaka.. (-_-')

so, i'm tending my resignation by giving one month notice. sorry to my friends and auditors...i think this is something i should grab. i have no problems with my current job. but, i think i can do something better than what i do now. yes, i do still wanna make my own film :) hehe..i also wanna win an award, at least. so i can bring my parents on the red carpet, or to the stage! (berangan teruk..)

anyway, it's where i belong. what i love to do...and thanks a lot, C!!

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