Wednesday, November 26, 2008


no one knows how one can feel
no one knows how one can deal
I tried to know, I tried to take
to stop all the hearts to break
but I didn't know the way to feel
I didn't know the way to deal
I did my best but it didn't do
and somehow still, i did it too.

but I wish I chose a different way
for I didn't give a descent chance
just struck you down with a single glance

I should have asked you for aid
before sticking with you with such a grade
I meant it then in all my stress
but fear made me someone less

not wise and kind, but dumb and blind
wishing I never said that single line
but did you hear the other words?
which meet all my true accord

compliments I cannot say
just to maintain your wanted way

in the end I hurt to see
that these words must stay to be
I've always tried to be a healer
never wanted to be the dealer

to make someone hurt, I hate it so
I should but I just can't let it go
and in the end you need to know
that perfect I shall never be
and hopefully now you shall see
that I'm no hero, I'm just this..

...a seeker of forgiveness.

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