Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What if I lead the way?
What if I make mistakes?
What if I change the world?
What if I take the blame?
(will you be there..?)

I remember going back
To the place we used to lay
But I keep losing track
And now the days they all turn black
And our dreams all start to fade
But there's no turning back

What if I change the world..
If I lead the way?
What if I be the one..
That takes the blame?
What if I can't go on without you?
What if I graduate?
What if I don't?
What if I don't?

Now I'm slowly giving up
As the world keeps losing faith
And you still turn your back
Now the path I follow takes a toll on me...
On you,
But there's no turning back...

'Cause the world keeps turning
(why do you tell me you care if you're not gonna stay?)

My heart's still burning
(why do you tell me you care?)

I'll be waiting here
For you to call me

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