Saturday, June 4, 2011

4th June 2011

A best friend of 11 years, a lover of 3 years is now a fiancé.
Still can't believe I'm engaged to Nafissyafiq, my best friend.
Son to my beloved teacher, Cikgu Siti.

Cikgu Siti is now Mak :)

Abah : Orang book anak kita, kita pun nak book anak dia.

Review coming up.
Have a great weekend everybody!


Dayangku Nuraini Wahed said...

congratulations, my dear friend!

be happy always =)

fainie_riz said...

sweet nyerr

kuks said...

sama date la e-day kite..huhu..anyway,selamat bertunang ea.. :)

Illi Hzbull said...

thanks semua :)