Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday to my Abah

The person who brought me to this world turned 50 yesterday.
We went to Serai @ Empire Gallery.
The restaurant is cozy and nice. 
The food was delicious! I had smoked salmon spaghetti.

choosing their meal

Birthday man!

En. Syafiq had Nasi Kerabu (sedap ok! though i didn't really like it)
Ayai, my younger brother had Serai Platter

Umi had Nasi Ambang

Tasha my lil sis had Fish n Chips

Abah's meal, something Morrocon, can't remember the name

Abah didn't know I already bought a cake,
he ordered Tiramisu
while Umi wanted to try Pavlova
really yummeh!

they brought out the cake
thank you to Serai's staff!
everyone sang the birthday song.

We wish you happiness and good health!
We love you, Hasbullah Bin Zakariah!

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