Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday Nena Malek!

Event : Nur Hanina Malek's Birthday
Venue : Look Out Point Western Food , Ampang
Date : 29 January 2011

It's a surprise birthday dinner that Nizar and me planned few weeks 
before the actual event. Plan simple and sweet je.
En.Syafiq dan saya tolong belikan kek, dan sorok awal-awal.

Confusing Nena. Blind folded from the parking lot.
She had no clue I was waiting in front of the restaurant, with my camera.

En.Syafiq's meal.
Kena bawak buku nota lain kali!
tak ingat nama makanan ni~
his drink was Honey Milk.

My meal ! Ordered by En.Syafiq.
Thanks yang, belanja kite..
Lamb Chop Combo! bole tahan la
my drink was Vanilla Slush.

That's us! We got the best table :)

Cake time! Oreo Cheese - birthday girl's favourite 
Kalau sambut birthday situ, dorang akan turn off lights,
bawak keluar kek, sambil diringi lagu Happy Birthday yang tak berapa nk best. 
But I requested no song, we can sing better!

One happy Nena~

love the scenery from our table!

The food was ok, the price is affordable.
Apart from that, we had a lot of fun!

Once again, Happy Birthday Nena!

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Nena said...

thanks illi :D :D :D :D
thanks alottttttttttt!